Why We Party

Party Hat Paper Co. is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your Party needs. Mal and I love searching for that perfect thing to make your Party shine. But, we know that not everyone shares that enthusiasm and for some, it can be super overwhelming. So we came up with the idea of "Party in a Box." What was stressful is now simple--pick a theme, pick a box, and voila! Your Party arrives on your doorstep.

Grab your Party Hat, pop the bubbly and actually enjoy your Party.

Childhood besties at our finest. In high school we called each other "MOH" which stood for "my other half." If we went anywhere without the other, people would ask, "Where's your other half?" Inseparable friends, we've been partying together since 1999. We're now grown up, have two great husbands, five crazy kids between us and we can't think of a better person to chase this dream of having an all-inclusive party business together. It's our mission to bring you the best of style, color, trends, and convenience--order that Party in a Box, people! 

I am a party-lovin', baby-raisin', Texas girl. My love for all things Party has definitely become an addiction. It drives my husband crazy but I just can't help myself. I hope to spread the Party love to you guys. 

I'm Mal, the blonde one, moming and wifing so hard since 2009!  Jos is my voice of reason. I'm the over the top, go big or go home girl, "Oh wait, what did we just do, Jos I need your help!".  Jos has been teaching me how to Party since 1999 and by far, I've learned from the best! Now you get to be a part of it too.